Sharing Your Health Care Story

On Monday July 19th in partnership with Be A Hero Action Fund and Health Care Voter, we held an hour-long training with progressive messaging guru Anat Shenker-Osorio of ASO Communications on the principles of persuasion, learning how to share your personal story to persuade others for advocacy. This training was broadcast via Facebook Live.

Watch below via YouTube (~1 hour length).

Download the storytelling slides (ASO)

On Tuesday May 11th in partnership with Progressive Perspectives (formerly Progressive Media Project), Be A Hero Action Fund and Health Care Voter, we held a 45 minute training on how to write and publish a letter to the editor or opinion piece for your local newspaper. This training was broadcast via Facebook Live, and has reached over 50K people to date via Facebook.

In June, we offered a smaller cohort in-depth op ed training over a couple days, and stay tuned for more trainings to come!

Watch below via YouTube (~45 minute length).


On Monday September 14th, 2020 in partnership with Health Care Voter and Be A Hero Action Fund we held our first live virtual training for storytellers. We covered how to tell your personal story effectively, share it on social media, and write a letter to your local paper. Our training director and emcee was Laura Packard, Health Care Voices founder. Trainers included Arshad Hasan and Vicki Roush of Convey Communications, and Linda Benesch of Social Security Works. This training was broadcast using via Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitter via Periscope, and has reached over 140K people to date via Facebook.

Watch below via YouTube (~1 hour length).

We followed up this kick-off intro training with 6 weeks of virtual small-group media trainings, to help health care advocates build on their storytelling skills and take their public work to the next level.

Download the media training slides (Convey)
Download the letters to the editor slides (Linda)


Our first in-person media training for health care advocates was held in partnership with Health Care Voter in Denver, July 20-21 2019 at the Washington Street Community Center. This 2-day in-depth training focused on helping health care advocates tell their own stories more effectively. Our training director and chief trainer was Beth Becker of Becker Digital Strategies, who also taught on story of self, social media, and public speaking. We also included local trainers: Katie Reinisch, consultant and former V.P. of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, taught on the principles of effective storytelling. Tara Trujillo, former communications director for Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Salazar, taught on how to speak with reporters. Laura Chapin, consultant and former media liaison for the Governor, taught on how to write letters to the editor and op eds. Ashtyn and Stephanie from Versa News taught about sharing your story via video.