Celebrating Expansion of Medicaid in Missouri

October 6, 2021
Abby Shepard

Health Care Voices Founder Laura Packard Celebrates Expansion of Medicaid in Missouri

DENVER — This week, Medicaid expansion is finally beginning in Missouri, opening the door for over 275,000 low-income adults to obtain health care coverage. The expanded coverage comes over a year after voters approved the measure through a ballot initiative in August of 2020.

Health Care Voices Founder and Affordable Care Act Advocate Laura Packard issued the following statement: 

“After months of stalling by anti-health care politicians, over 275,000 low-income residents in Missouri can finally access affordable health care coverage as Medicaid expansion is implemented there this week. This marks a critical step toward affordable and accessible health care for the citizens of Missouri, especially those who have long struggled to access health care.”

“Unfortunately, there are still 12 other states that have yet to expand Medicaid coverage, leaving over 2 million Americans without health insurance. Those who fall into this gap are often forced to choose between their finances and their life—a choice no American should ever have to make.”

“It doesn’t have to be this way. Congress has the opportunity to close the coverage gap now through the Build Back Better Act, which could include a federal Medicaid expansion program that would cover low-income residents in the holdout states. This provision—along with the other health care provisions in the bill like permanent Affordable Care Act subsidies, lower prescription drug prices, expanded paid family and medical leave, funding for home and community-based care, and strengthened Medicare—would save countless lives and allow all Americans to access the care they need, not just those rich enough to afford them.”

Laura Packard is the founder and executive director of Health Care Voices and a stage IV cancer survivor. The Affordable Care Act saved her life. If you’re interested in connecting with Laura to discuss Missouri’s Medicaid expansion, the existing Medicaid gap, and the health care provisions of the Build Back Better Act, please reach out to abigail.shepard@firesidecampaigns.com.