“Not a moment too soon”

April 29, 2021
Claire Murchison

“Not a moment too soon,” cancer survivor Laura Packard applauds Biden’s commitment to ensure affordable coverage for all Americans

DENVER — Today, Health Care Voices Founder and stage 4 cancer survivor Laura Packard released a statement in response to President Biden’s first address to Congress last night and first 100 days in office today:

“Last summer at the Democratic National Convention, then-candidate Biden promised me that he would protect our care. Yesterday, in his first address to Congress, he doubled down on that promise. From protecting people with pre-existing conditions to defending women’s health care, the Affordable Care Act has been a lifeline for millions of Americans. The Affordable Care Act saved my life, and many more. With permanent enactment of the expansions in the American Rescue Plan, it will continue to save lives for years to come.

Amid COVID-19, President Biden’s demonstrated commitment to health care and affordable coverage is a beacon of hope for millions of un- and under-insured Americans, and comes not a moment too soon. Americans pay nearly three times as much for prescription drugs as other countries—the highest prescription drug prices in the world. Americans can’t wait any longer—we’ve needed to lower the cost of prescription drugs for decades.

President Biden, thank you for taking the necessary steps toward equitizing coverage and ensuring that every American will have access to affordable health care. From enacting a special enrollment period which has helped over 800,000 thousand Americans to sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act, to offering incentives to expand Medicaid coverage in the 12 hold-out states, allowing many more people to access subsidized health care coverage through the marketplace, and promising to expand health care to more Americans, these reforms will build our health care system back better.”

If you’re interested in speaking with Laura Packard about Biden’s first 100 days and upcoming health care provisions in the infrastructure bills, please reach out to claire@firesidecampaigns.com.