2022 Was a Health Care Election

November 9, 2022
Charlotte Bennett

2022 Was a Health Care Election. And Health Care Won.

DENVER — Last night, millions of voters in red, blue and purple states had the opportunity to vote directly, via ballot measures, on the future of their health care. And health care won decisively.

In South Dakota, voters conclusively decided to expand Medicaid in the state. Preliminary results, as of Wednesday morning, indicate that a significant 56 percent of voters voted “yes” on expansion. More than 17 million low-income Americans have gained health coverage as a result of Medicaid expansion, part of the Affordable Care Act that became optional as a result of a 2012 Supreme Court decision. Every time expansion of health care through Medicaid on the ballot, health care wins.

In Arizona, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 209, the Predatory Debt Collection Act, with a whopping 72 percent approval. The measure will protect Arizonans from predatory debt collection, including families suffering from medical debt.

Notably, voters in states as varied as Michigan, Vermont, California, Kentucky and Montana supported abortion rights. In Michigan, Vermont and California, voters approved ballot measure enshrining abortion rights into their state constitutions. In Kentucky and Montana, voters rejected initiatives to restrict access to reproductive health care.

Health Care Voices Founder and Affordable Care Act Advocate Laura Packard issued the following statement: 

“Health care was on the ballot last night, and the results are clear: Americans across the country want affordable, accessible health care.

Whether voting to expand Medicaid, protect families from medical debt, or preserve the right to reproductive freedom, Americans showed up and made their priorities known. Health care is a winning issue, no matter the state or party affiliation.

Last night, voters in South Dakota also demonstrated what we’ve known for a long time — state legislatures are blocking overwhelmingly popular legislation. It’s time for representatives in the remaining eleven hold-out states to do their jobs and represent the interests of their constituents by finally expanding Medicaid so low income Americans can get health care too.

And once again, we are reminded that the majority of Americans support affordable, legal and accessible abortion access. Abortion is health care. We must continue to advocate for reproductive freedom and demonstrate to our elected officials that their restrictions on our bodily autonomy are unwarranted and unwelcome.

Our fight for affordable, accessible health care continues.”

Laura Packard is a small business owner and health care advocate, and founder of Health Care Voices, organizing adults with serious medical conditions. She is a stage 4 cancer survivor, and the Affordable Care Act saved her life. If you’re interested in connecting with Laura to discuss health care this election cycle, please reach out to charlotte.bennett@firesidecampaigns.com.